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Author: Bill Francois

In "The Gifted Sardine" Bill François introduces us to all the saltwater creatures, and the incredible stories of marine life. One fish after another is described smoothly, full of fascination, humor and love. François gives the sardine, musical whales. , the cod, the bluefin tuna and the seahorse a voice. He teaches us the song of the scallops, and talks about how herrings communicate. A day at the beach or a dip in the sea will be after reading of this book will never be the same WRITER: Bill Francois

Bo van Roeden: I read the book on the advice of a friend. I was very surprised, the writer's adventures are so beautifully written that I finished it in 1 x. I can recommend it to everyone, also nice to read to your children in the evening.


Author: Jules Steyn

Think Like a Fish is the ultimate handbook for anyone looking to catch more and bigger fish. Juul Steyn will guide you through the fascinating underwater world of the Netherlands and Belgium and teach you to think like the six large predatory fish that live there: perch, zander, pike, asp, sea bass and catfish.
After the biology class you will learn which techniques and materials you need to catch these predators. The author draws from his many years of experience as a fishing guide and journalist, but also learns from other experts who share their knowledge in a unique series of master classes. The latest fishing techniques are also extensively discussed here, which gives more experienced anglers the necessary depth to their hobby. At the same time, the book is written in such a way that even the novice predator fisherman can handle it well.
Steyn not only provides practical information, but also looks at angling from a broader perspective. He delves into the history of fishing man - a fascinating journey that began a hundred thousand years ago - and looks ahead to the future. Interviews with, among others, a GP, psychologist and a biologist provide insight into the social importance of one of the largest leisure activities in the Low Countries.

Writer: Juul Steyn

This book has fantastic reviews and is a must have for all anglers!

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