Mother of 2 daughters 13 & 16 years old

BOA in public transport

NL Ladies team Carp fishing


Carp angler in heart and soul


Mirror carp 20.2 kg !!


Instagram: Danielle.smits78


I prefer to fish for carp. Is it in a ditch with a pin, or static with the entire equipment for a week on the waterfront. I can really enjoy both.

The preparations, the trip to your fishing spot, everything in the right place and getting the lines wet as quickly as possible! When the beeper goes off, or the float disappears under water ..... The adrenaline ... standing with that bent rod, the reel tapping out of the slip .. the power of the carp on your hook. WOW That's fishing !! Awesome.

In the winter I sometimes want to grab a predatory rod and scour the ditches for pike or perch. You are still very active and on the waterfront.

My biggest carp weighed 20.2 pounds and that's my PR. A gigantic mirror carp!

That will definitely be my calling card😍

I am Danielle Smits, 42 years old, 2 daughters aged 13 and 16. I live in The Hague together with Herman❤.

When I was a little girl I liked to fish. Catch roaches with a fixed rod. With a boat on the Hollands Diep and there fishing for bream.

Later with the Feeder rod on whitefish. I thought I wanted to fish for carp and I bought a carp set on the internet. I had watched some movies on

YouTube and went to try. I didn't know what happened when the beeper went off !! I took the curved rod from the rod pod and felt the force on the hook. WOW .. what a sensation !! I was over. I wanted more .. I have really studied carp fishing. I am passionate about blood and I am now even in the Dutch women's carp fishing team and I fished my first World Cup in France last year. I am also really proud of myself that I have made it this far. Unfortunately due to Corona, the World Cup did not go through this year, but I hope 2021 will be a better year🤞.

I think the Barracudas is really a great initiative and I am very proud to be part of it.

I know the fishing world is a man's world. Many men believe that a woman should be at home behind the counter. That's the biggest bullshit there is. WOMEN CAN FISH !!

In all fishing disciplines there are also women at the top. Who fight just as hard as the men or even harder because women have to prove themselves more.

With this new female fishing platform, this is the place to learn more about this. All I can say is follow the barracudas with tips, vlogs, recipes, books, merchandise and more.