Group teacher group 8
Counselor and coach for students in education
Husband and mother of femke 10 years


Beach fishing


Team member NL women's team coastal fish
2007 10th Dutch Championship
2008 6th Dutch Championship
2009 8th Dutch Championship
2011 3rd Dutch Championship
2013 5th Dutch Championship
2014 6th Dutch Championship
2015 Dutch champion
2017 5th Dutch Championship
2019 4th Dutch Championship
2x World Championships fished 2011 Italy, 2015 France
And a whopper of a halibut in Norway 😁


Instagram: heidileeuwis_fishing

Heidi leeuwis vogelezang barracudas.jpg

In daily life I am a group teacher at a primary school in grade 8. I also guide and coach students to become future colleagues in primary education. I am also the wife of Albert Leeuwis and the proud mother of a very sweet 10 year old daughter Femke.

I like to spend the free time that is left in addition to family, work and fishing in the gym! (fitness and cardio boxing)

We share the passion for fishing together. As a family we go to Norway every year to go for a walk and ride a horse in addition to fishing from the shore and fishing with our own boat. Purely for relaxing.

In the Netherlands I prefer to fish from the beach and in the ports of Rotterdam!

I am very fanatic about it and full of passion.

In the competitions (both at national and international level) that I fish from the beach, it is actually not about the largest fish, but the number of fish and the total number of centimeters.

If I have to mention the largest fish, it is a whopper of a halibut in Norway.

When asked why I like to fish, I don't have to think long: Nothing is better than being on the beach, enjoying the surroundings and the tranquility, wind in your hair and so clear your head!

I am a Barracuda because I practice my sport with pleasure and passion. Sometimes purely for relaxation and sometimes competitive. I would also like to show how beautiful it is to fish as a woman.

This female fishing platform is the best way to do this, with elements such as: lifting to higher levels, sharing support and expertise for and by women are high on the list !!!!