Predatory fish, bow engines / fish finders / batteries and technology.

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In daily life I am the mother of 2 children Intty-Ann (14) and Maxime (10) and married.

In daily life I run a webshop in electric outboard motors and a marketplace website for fishing products, I am also co-owner of a boat brokerage and sales company that specializes in electric boats.

Because of the electric motors I slowly got into fishing. To understand this group better I got on board with a number of fishermen and little by little became more familiar with this world.

What I miss in this small angling world is a contrary opinion for all angling platforms where the majority are men. And I know a fisherman has no gender, but the way of presenting content does.

I came up with a fishing platform run by women. Women with skills. Women catching their own food. Women who fish!

For example, I put together the Barracudas team together with Nathalie van den Berg.

Our regular group Barracudas consists of a mixed group, so the tone of each piece of content is different and that gives color to the platform.

On this platform you can read how you can best fish for which fish species. With which material and how you use it. We share tips / recipes and you can ask questions, make friends and exchange advice in the forum. But of course you can also email photos of your coolest catch because that's what it's all about.

The Barracudas is for fishermen, by women.

I hope you enjoy reading and if you have any tips, tell us!