Operator control room Siemens
(managing security / fire brigade and police)
Private driver for various foreign artists
Party animal 😏


100% predatory fish


Pike abroad 106cm, NL 104cm
Perch 43cm
Zander 87.5cm


Instagram: mikkechickk

mikky boon barracudas.jpg

Daily life:

I am an operator in the Siemens control room. Everyone then thinks that I am working on household appliances, but that is not true! 

I am constantly working on directing security, fire brigade and police to alarm reports. I am also a private driver for various foreign artists when they have to play in the Netherlands. I am also a party animal myself and of course I like to fish, so it is often quite hectic to combine all that.

Fishing disciplines:

Predatory fish, predatory fish and predatory fish!

(I am 100% open to learning new things and fishing for other species, but my patience often lets me down haha)


If abroad counts, I am at 106cm with Pike, and otherwise at 104cm. (oh what are those 2cm now !!; P) Perch 43cm and Zander 87.5cm. It is about time that I can add a catfish and asp to this list !!

Why I like fish etc:

Pisces were brought up with me. Grandpa fished, my father fishes, so yes, I fish. I have always been an outdoors person and what could be more beautiful than finding your piece of peace outside in nature while you are active.

Through Instagram I got to know so many new nice people who are always ready with tips, a daily chat or even with whom I often go fishing together. That's why I really like the whole idea of the Barracudas and I think it's a great idea, especially because the whole fishery should be a community where you can learn from each other and help each other grow as a fisherman.

'We rise by lifting others'