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In search of BIG Northern Pike, Perch, Catfish or Zander? You've come to the right place! Our crew takes you on a journey towards fishing for the biggest zander, perch and pike in Europe! The whole spectrum of techniques will be displayed, either from the banks / shore or fishing from a fishing boat. A wide range from deadbait to lure fishing, or trolling, casting or jigging. Do you want to fish for large pike, zander, perch or other large predatory fish? From the bank or on the water, with lures or dead baits, but also casting, trolling or vertical fishing. Follow us on Instagram: @whitelabelfishing Follow us on Facebook: White Label Fishing We provide guided trips with our professional fishing guide (s). More info: www.whitelabelfishing.com or send an email to info@whitelabelfishing.com

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A project where we combine our passion and hobbies. Film and Fishing. Searching for the BIGGEST predators in rivers, lakes and canals around Europe. At the same time we try to give you the experience we have on the water. Follow us on Instagram for more information: @dusktilldawn_fishing

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The ginger fisherman on YouTube

Formally Chris 'n' Sam fishing now The Ginger Fisherman. A channel dedicated to catching all types of freshwater fish from barbel in fast flowing rivers to canal pike I'll go through the methods and techniques I use to catch them all! please follow the Facebook page below for regular updates https://www.facebook.com/ChrisnsamFishing/?ref=hl Please take note that I do not respond to people asking for swims or where I live, locations etc!
More information @the_ginger_fisherman

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Underwater clips on YouTube

Job Deken recently has a YouTube channel where he shows the underwater life. How cool is it to watch pike in its natural habitat.
More information on instagram @underwaterclips